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An Ultimate List Of Marketing Communities

Posted by simplelogicplaintext on 125 Points
I compiled a list of communities about digital marketing, social media management or any other form of online entrepreneurship (naturally, MarketingProfs is in it :)).

This list was started for my own personal needs, but I soon realized it would be a useful resource to anyone interested in building a voice and authority online.

The goal is to keep this list fresh and relevant so that it can become an evergreen resource for entrepreneurs everywhere.

There are a lot of entries (200+!), but I know I'm missing some communities around these topics.

I hope you guys find value in this list, but I also ask that you let me know if I'm missing some great community. Any communities around these topics are appreciated, but suggestions about the current descriptions are welcome too.
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  • Posted by mgoodman on Moderator
    Given the lack of response to your request I can't help but wonder if the product/service you're describing has any real value for the marketing community.

    Let me suggest an exercise that might be helpful for you: Define the target audience for the product/service very specifically. Then articulate the core benefit that target audience might expect if they use the product/service.
  • Posted by BizConsult on Accepted
    Hello Mat:

    Thanks for assembling the list and sharing, looks like you've put some time and effort into it!.

    Quick suggestion: Sorting/categorizing by usage/target (versus format) would be a nice feature to have so that people (i.e., an entrepreneur or SEO manager) can quickly see the resources pertinent to them.

  • Posted by telemoxie on Member
    Thanks for compiling this and posting it. I'll take a look.
  • Posted by simplelogicplaintext on Author
    Thanks for the responses.

    Chris Blackman and BizConsult, I was thinking of enchancing the post with a sorting and filtering functionality. Probably have a table view in addition, offering a quick summary.

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