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Granite & Marble Fabricators - Supply Chain?

Posted by monique on 25 Points
We're a stone fabricators business (marble, granite, quartz countertops...) and installers. We currently have a warehouse where all the slabs are fabricated and we also have a showroom in the front area, but the location is not visible for sales. Our orders come mostly from small contractors who are already working with bigger contractors, architects and home builders. Also very few direct clients given our location. Basically, we're looking for advice on:
1- How to reach directly to more home builders / bigger contractors
2- Research to find the best commercial sales point location for small showroom outside of warehouse
3- Marketing advice to reach target audience

Thanks in advance
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  • Posted by mgoodman on Accepted
    The first thing I would do is schedule information interviews with 6-8 home builders and [bigger] contractors. Don't try to sell them or convince them of anything. Just buy them lunch/coffee and pick their brains for 30-45 minutes. Ask them how they select subcontractors, what they look for when selecting suppliers, and how they would suggest you approach others in their field.

    I've used this approach on behalf of a client in a related industry, and it yielded some great insights ... and a few big customers ultimately.

    BTW, I know a very good market research professional located within 30 minutes of your location, if you want to outsource this project. Just contact me via email. (Use email address in my profile.)
  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Member
    Do you have a website? Hosted any open houses or Chamber of Commerce mixers?
  • Posted by monique on Author
    Hi Jay,

    Yes, our website is:
    We have not hosted any open houses in a long time and not involved with chamber of commerce (will definitely look into it!). The reality of our business is that we're very hard working and have an enormous potential due to our production capacity, but we need a business plan / model, reorganization and marketing to get the word out there. Will definitely seek professional help here!

    Thank you!

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