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Posted by mfulton on 125 Points

I'm the marketing manager of a UK based charity. At our charity, Facebook advertising is used to promote events and activities that target audiences can get involved with. The ads have been placed using a targeting model that has been in use for sometime (more than 3 years).

The targeting model is based on interests such as running and related pages the target audience 'like' as a secondary interest. So for instance, the target for a marathon advertisement would be running and environment.
In recent months, some issues have been encountered with the ads, which has caused some ads to be reviewed through Facebook's policy.

My question is, are the ads being reviewed because of how targeting has been done, or what is in the copy of the ad or landing page?
Thanks in anticipation.
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  • Posted by mgoodman on Accepted
    It could be any of those. Without details it's impossible to say. In my experience it is most likely a problem with the landing page.
  • Posted by mfulton on Author
    Thanks for getting back to me - I'm happy to provide more details about the particular issues, but would that be possible to be a private conversation?
  • Posted by Chris Blackman on Member
    Sounds like what you're asking for is a private consultation.

    Why don't you just contact one of the top experts here and hire them to debug your ad issues for you?

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