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When Rebranding What Happens To Social Media

Posted by KP on 500 Points
Hello everyone, this is an extension of my last question. We are rebranding, launching with a new name and visual identity next month. I have been thinking about our current social media presence. We have built a good follower base in the past two years, particularly on Twitter and LinkedIn. As we will now change our name, I am not sure whether changing the account name or getting a new account is the right way to proceed. We currently have over 2000 followers (Twitter), not massive but social media was never a key channel and we only built this follower base recently. Your suggestions would really help.

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  • Posted by mgoodman on Moderator
    This is a tricky one. I think I'd keep the old account name for quite a while -- months -- and just post references to the new name on a fairly frequent basis. Of course, you can create an account with the new name (referencing the old name) and use that intermittently as your audience gets the idea.
  • Posted by KP on Author
    That's a great tip, thanks for sharing.
  • Posted by Gary Bloomer on Accepted
    Retain all existing social accounts and begin mapping out a new brand switch over strategy to prime the pump, so to speak.

    Have this begin 30 days out from the switchover, with a range of posts talking up the change, the reasons for the switch, the brand origin story, everything—appearing every few days. Include hints at the logo, the slogan, the colors and typefaces and the messaging.

    Be sure to ask for feedback and be willing to listen to opinions, even if you disagree with them or even if they counter your worldview. Your listening needs to be sympathetic and active.

    Then, in the week leading up to the changeover, host a range of separate posts, each one with a compelling offer of some kind.

    This accomplishes the goal of building anticipation while generating curiosity. Secure account names for the new brand for Twitter, Pinterest, and Youtube and share varying content to those platforms as well. the goal is to AVOID sharing the same content on multiple platforms simultaneously.

    Once the change over is made, share the new name and old name for the next four to six weeks before transitioning over to the new name. You should be able to change your Twitter account name and user details without losing existing followers.

    There's really no need to set up new accounts because then you'd then need to encourage people to follow those accounts, which is extra work you can do without.

    On the day of the switchover, EVERYTHING needs to move from old to new as one fluid motion. By not having new social accounts to deal with you have fewer moving parts to juggle
  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    Are you actively doing anything with your social media? Are you planning to?
    How did you acquire your 2k followers? Was it organic?
    How much effort did you put into content for your existing social media channels?
    If the answers to these questions are that you're really not using social media actively, then switch over (gradually) as Michael has suggested. If you've been devoting resources for content/conversations, then do as Gary says.

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