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Best Tool To Manage Remote Employees

Posted by gloverlisa530 on 25 Points
In this Corona virus pandemic, most of the company shift their employees to work from home. Being a business owner, I have also given work from home to all employees.

Now, I am facing difficulty to manage employee productivity. After researching, I found a tool named as EmpMonitor and taken free trial. I got this tool profitable.

Anyone have any idea about this tool?
Please suggest.

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    If you check a comparison site like for keywords “remote employees productivity monitor” you will bring up on screen more than 110 references to appropriate software programs. You have not provided enough information about the nature of your business, the numbers of employees you need to monitor, their occupations or work focus, the specific areas of their work that you want to monitor, whether you are operating across time zones, etc, so there is no way that one software program could be recommended over another. That is a decision for you based on your operational requirements.

    Of course, if you didn’t want to go down this very technical road of monitoring employees work, and the numbers of employees was manageable, you could opt for regular one-on-one or small group direct conversations using Zoom or a similar service. It really boils down to the trade-off between being ‘big brother’ on the one hand and having confidence in your employees to do the right thing on the other. The present international business situation in March 2020 (where so many people are either losing their jobs or being stood down without pay due to the adverse effects of Convid-19 across communities & countries) seems to provide an adequate incentive for employees to work diligently.
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    You can use trello to divide their tasks and when they are doing it or its done, they can use labels or just mark the tasks, this way, the time they are doing it and the duration is known to you.
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