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Can You Help Me With Obtaining A Contact Directory

Posted by salessupport on 25 Points
I am needing to create a contact directory of parks, Its taking forever being that I have to locate each county and go through and copy and paste? do you have any tips
im needing parks names, addresses, contact name, phone and fax, and email
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  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    There's a wealth of services that will sell you targeted lists. Have you researched any of these?
  • Posted by Peter (henna gaijin) on Accepted
    Generally, the quality of the list matches the cost/effort that went into making it.
  • Posted by Gary Bloomer on Accepted
    Parks where? In every country?
  • Posted by salessupport on Author
    I have checked some different marketing list. They all are only paid services. I have to pay out of pocket myself for this and didnt want to being that I am an hourly paid employee and it is expensive. Every county in the state of Kansas. Its pretty time consuming beint that i have to do the entire states schools daycare/child development centers as well.
    Trying to make and fit it into my daily schedule is almost impossibble

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