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Branch Adoption Programme

Posted by leenisme on 250 Points
I am working on an idea for Senior Management Team (SMT) to engage with frontliners at branches. First, to foster closer relationship between both. Second, SMT will be able to understand the challenges frontliners face with customers. Thirdly, to create 2-way interaction between SMT & frontliners, and so that they will be able to mentor and guide branches towards delivering better customer experience and achieving sales goals.

1. I need some ideas on what are the guidelines needed to be put in place and how feedback from the frontliners can be looped back to my department to coordinate and channel to the respective SMT to respond to.
2. What kind of internal communication strategy can I undertake to create awareness to all staff in the whole organization? For now, I just have teasers which I plan to posts on the Intranet to communicate the programme. Any other ideas how I can execute an effective comm plan?
3. What kind of activities at the branch can I get the frontliners do with the SMT during branch visits? That would be fun and create WOW factor. Apart from SMT becoming the teller service (that's too much work because we will need to ensure that the SMT will need to be prior trained to do the job).

Thanks in advance, Leen.
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  • Posted by mgoodman on Accepted
    Are you sure SMT wants to interact directly with branch management? You could be asking for trouble.

    Here's another possible approach: YOU interact with branch managers and write up a contact report each week for consumption by SMT (and others in the organization). That way you can filter out stuff that might distract them from key issues and focus on items that would benefit from their attention.
  • Posted by leenisme on Author
    Are you sure SMT wants to interact directly with branch management? You could be asking for trouble. <<< Answer is yes. it's a branch adoption programme and SMT member will be visiting branches during non-peak hours to observe and have like a tea-session to engage with frontliners. It's SMT new commitment to go to the ground and cultivate customer focus and institutionalize sales orientation among branches.

    However, I agree that the dialogue may go out of hand and may divert from its original purpose for this programme. Hence, my department will play a role to handle these questions.

  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    Given your 3 goals (SMT meets frontliners, SMT learns of challenges, and SMT mentoring), I'd start first with the frontliners. What challenges do they want input on? Could frontliners from one high-performing branch mentor those from another branch (since they presumably know more about the day-to-day issues than the SMTs do)? Could the SMTs participate in such mentorings to hear of the problems and encourage staff to help each other (rather than have the SMTs dramatically influence day-to-day)? Could the result of the frontliners challenge "sessions" be presented by staff to SMTs for their input/brainstorming as well?

    Who has requested this initiative - senior staff or branches? What metrics do they want to create to guide their effectiveness?
  • Posted by chiron34 on Accepted
    You said in your initial post that this program came from an idea. Was there one or more incidents or circumstances that triggered this idea? If so, what was it as that would seem a relevant fact that we should be aware of?

    What are the physical distances between the Head Office, site of the SMT presumably, and the branches where the Frontliners to be involved are located? Are all the branches you want to be involved in the one city? Is there a necessity for this action to also include more remote Branches? Is there a rostering problem to be resolved, i.e. how many staff are expected to be disrupted by their participation in this program?

    How will you measure the success of the program?
    Are you going to put the concept in reverse: do you intend to have Frontliners ride shotgun with selected SMT personnel at headquarters?
  • Posted by Mike Steffes on Accepted
    So, SMT wants Frontliners to sell more. That requires setting up some specialized sales training for the FLs (who likely didn't sign-on as sales people), as a sales mindset is critical to selling. SMT will have to direct the production of sales collateral- brochures, videos, etc. All the usual boosters of Salespeople will be required (awards, recognition, incentive pay, etc.). This will be a big change/transformation which SHOULD involve the whole company.

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