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What Are The Best Accounting Softwares?

Posted by genasanford18 on 25 Points
I have been running a small business and now I need software for bookkeeping and accounting, I have researched on google but still want a clear suggestion from experienced people
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  • Posted by mgoodman on Accepted
    We have used QuickBooks for at least 20 years and we are quite comfortable recommending it. Our applications have included consulting practices, real estate investments, local service businesses, publishing, and food processing/marketing.

    Of course, if you have unique requirements you might find other accounting packages easier to adapt. QuickBooks is pretty much the standard though, and there's plenty of online support if you need it. You can also export QB files to Excel if there's a need for custom spreadsheet analysis.
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    There are multiple software which is best for working when it comes to adding a value for your accounting needs then I recommend OneAccounting Software which is easy to use with cheaper pricing.
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    I am also using OneAccounting Software, very easy to use
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