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Action Plan Pre And During An Interenational Trade

Posted by tshen010516 on 250 Points
I am doing an assignment that requires me to make two action plans about attending an international trade show. The company I chose is Boost Juice and I plan to attend a USA trade show. First plan in Gantt chart is activities before trade show along with cost, and another one is promotion activity during trade show.
The following links direct you to the two plans respectively, and I'm seeking reviews and feedbacks from international marketing specialists. Thank you very much!!
pre-show plan!Aun7e11-j0jokFOZTfHE5CyHbGqR?e=LjyLNb
plan during the show!Aun7e11-j0jokFUT36Nz2HdoVZi6?e=KTaD0b
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  • Posted by mgoodman on Accepted
    Your Gantt chart and trade-show checklist seem to be reasonably complete. One additional thought:

    One of the big advantages of a well-planned Gantt chart is that it forces you to think through the timing and budget before you begin to devote serious time and money to the project. This will give you an early warning system if you start to go over budget or to figure out what you might add if you find extra budget later on. It will also give you a heads-up if you are falling behind on the schedule so you can add staff or work nights and weekends.

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