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Is Seo Much Better Than Sem?

Posted by ema.serianz on 25 Points
SEO is becoming very well known and popular, and in fact most people on Google prefer to click the first organic result rather than an Ad? What do you think? Is this true? Do you think it is actually worth investing in SEM?
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  • Posted by Peter (henna gaijin) on Accepted
    It would be rare for a company to only do one type of marketing, so SEO is likely something that most any company would do as part of their marketing mix.

    Full on SEO is more involved that most people expect, requiring things like changes to content and layout of web site to incorporate key words. Much more common that the boss will go to marketing and say something like "the web site is done, not go ahead and SEO it" when it is too late to make many of the changes that would help. So SEO ends up being not optimized, but as good as can be given the situation.

    SEO is definitely worth doing in most any situation, but should not be your only marketing. SEO only helps get people to your web site. It is a rare product where the web site on that first visit is then able to convert that person into a sale right then. More likely there will be multiple visits, they will look for additional info elsewhere, want a demo, want to talk price/delivery/discounts, etc. So SEO should be done, but should not be all you do.
  • Posted by ema.serianz on Author
    Thank you for our answer! Will keep it in mind! I am just starting in marketing, so this was very helpful.

    If you'd like, you can check the website of the company I work for:


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