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How Do You Report Seo Audit Findings?

Posted by woofre1010 on 25 Points

I'm curious to know how you report SEO audit findings. Do you use a spreadsheet? A presentation? A formal report? Or maybe something else.

If you have a favorite audit template, I'd love to see it.

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  • Posted by mgoodman on Accepted
    It depends on what the original objective was and who the target audience (for your report) is.

    At a minimum, you want to report performance against the metrics that were set out at the beginning (of the SEO project). Did we accomplish the objective? Are we making steady progress toward it? Why or why not? Is this still the appropriate objective? What's next? When should we review progress again? What have we learned?

    As for the format of your report, who is your primary audience? What format is likely to be best received by the target audience? That's the one you should use. Unless your audience is really into the technical components, I'd stay with the big picture and out of the weeds.
  • Posted on Member
    This is a great question, let me flip this on its head and give you an insight into what I want to see as somebody who's requested but also delivered themselves on multiple audits.
    Crawl findings, especially for big sites tell me what types of pages are missing in XML or HTML sitemaps and how to improve the internal link structure.
    Preferred formats, a presentation combined with a spreadsheet so that we have a list to work off but also a deck that can be presented internally to explain what's going on.
    I am using this format for my website. It's very easy and manageable.


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