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Looking For An Interactive Marketing Calendar

Posted by melissa.chapman on 125 Points
The marketing department in the UK runs the marketing for all the Harlequin Global offices. We currently have/use a marketing calendar that we built in Excel but this is very restrictive, clunky and just doesn't work well. We'd really love to be able to build a marketing calendar that is more interactive and user friendly. I want to be able to link to events and social media channels too. Is there such a thing/app that almost combines a Trello style project management application with an interactive diary/calendar?
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  • Posted by Peter (henna gaijin) on Member
    A company I worked for used project management SaaS program Asana ( to track their marketing projects, and seemed to like it.

    I did a contract for them, so only was peripherally involved with using Asana, so can't really comment on how it actually worked
  • Posted by melissa.chapman on Author
    Thank you Peter, I will take a look at Asana.

    Many thanks, Melissa
  • Posted by jkmiller on Member
    CoSchedule! I used it at my last job and miss it every day. Syncs to social for easy posting and even to Wordpress so that new blogs show up on the calendar on the publication date. Lots of ways to customize to fit your team as well.
  • Posted by melissa.chapman on Author
    Thank you, I have heard of CoSchedule but never really looked into it. Thanks

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