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Lobby Experience To Celebrate 20th Anniversary

Posted by harlenej on 250 Points
The faith based credit union will celebrate its 20th anniversary at the end of January, 2024. I am struggling with the look and the experience. Our 20th anniversary theme is We care. I am looking to have the money blowing machine as a fun activity and giving away bags as a gift. I am looking for a giveaway for teens/children and just some ideas to make it nice. An important note is that I have a very limited budget.

I am looking to have a DJ for sound and just struggling for creativity. I thought of offering .20% off on all loans and was looking for ways to spin 20 in discounts.

Thanks for your ideas
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  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Member
    Highlight those people/organizations that your funding has made a difference to. That'll show that you've been caring for 20 years.

    Instead of blowing money and gifts, why not take those funds and create a contest for people in your community deserving funding (you select the finalists), and allow your community to vote. Suggestion: all finalists should win something (can you get some sponsorships to also chip in on these worthy people?). Again, this will underscore "we care."

    In summary, don't make the 20th anniversary about YOU, but instead about YOUR COMMUNITY. That's how you'll be able to celebrate your 30th anniversary (and beyond).
  • Posted by Gary Bloomer on Member
    Emphasize "We care" visually: Decorate with 20-themed elements like balloons, banners, and posters highlighting how your "caring" has impacted the community. Showcase stories and photos of people you've helped.

    Interactive displays: Create a "Caring Wall" where members can write how your credit union has positively impacted them. Set up a photo booth with props highlighting the "20" and "We care" theme.

    Budget-friendly touches: Use DIY decorations, borrow plants from members, and ask local businesses for sponsorships.

    Community focus: Invite local vendors, charities, and faith-based organizations to set up booths, creating a mini-festival atmosphere. Encourage volunteer sign-ups for community initiatives.

    Educational activities: Have financial literacy workshops for different age groups (adults, teens, kids). Partner with a local bank for financial experts.

    Family-friendly fun: Face painting, balloon animals, scavenger hunts, or a movie screening with popcorn. Partner with a local school or youth group for entertainment.
    Giveaways & Discounts:

    Teens/kids: Reusable water bottles, notebooks with financial tips, eco-friendly toys. Partner with local businesses for discounts on these items.

    General: Raffle off gift baskets filled with local products and experiences. Offer free financial consultations or credit score reviews.

    Loan discount: Spin it as "20 years, 20% off interest for the first 2 months on new loans" or "20% down payment match for the first 20 applicants for 20-year mortgages."
    Additional Ideas:

    Livestream the event: Reach a wider audience and involve those who can't attend in person.
    Social media contest: Encourage sharing photos and stories using the event hashtag. Offer prizes for engagement.

    Plant a "20 Trees for 20 Years" project: Show environmental care and community involvement.
    Incorporate music: Live music performances or a "20 songs we love" playlist.

    Remember: Keep the focus on "We care" and engage your community. Be creative and resourceful, and have fun celebrating your 20th anniversary!

    I hope these suggestions spark your creativity and help you plan a memorable event within your budget.

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