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Growth Strategy For Online Retailing

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How do I draw a growth strategy plan to convince investors to invest in my online retail despite of the bubble burst, online security issues and consumer habits?
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  • Posted by Pepper Blue on Accepted
    Hi jackowong1982:

    Questions: Do you first have a business plan and a marketing plan to show the investors?

    Potential objections you mentioned:

    1)Despite the bubble burst

    Actually there were many reasons the bubble burst, and not all due to just plain old bad business models, this is a topic of a whole seperate discussion.

    Online retail is currently quite happy and profitable:

    2) Online security issues: This should not be an issue. e-commerce transactions are extremely secure. Just find a reputable transaction processor/gateway provider and there should be no problem.

    Now fraud is different, not to be confused with security, and that happens in every facet of commerce, online or bricks and mortar.

    Consumer habits? Again, online retail is healthy. Consumers have embraced and adoped it, more so in some sectors.

    For strategic planning help and examples/roadmaps I recommend 2 good books.

    The reason I recommend these books is that strategic planning tools are not "one size fits all" and you really should see the different example and work through them to see which one fits your business and industry the best.

    You don't have to "read" them cover to cover, the purpose is more to have some proven reference models and examples on hand so you can see how the flow of a strategic plan should go and see how the anaylsis tools, matrices, charts etc. work. There are many, some are objective, some are subjective, and not all work for every organization.

    Here is a very good one: Company Analysis: Determining Strategic Capability ISBN #0471494542

    And this one: Strategic Management: Concepts and Cases; Fred R. David. ISBN #0130269956

    Good luck, I hope this helps

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