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I Need To Be Educated On A Walgreen Expired Domain

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I am getting ready to launch [inactive link removed] which is a free national directory for Senior Citizens- advertisor driven so I have been aquiring several domain names. I found on an expired list and purchased the domain name. I was going to point it to Walgreen's web site as a link option under supplemental health options.

I was at my sons baseball game and I missed a certified letter from Walgreen's so I am assuming this is related. I checked under TESS for trademark info and walgreen's does have [inactive link removed] as a live trademark, but the word walgreen is listed as dead. Maybe I am projecting because I don't know what the letter says, but I am one to be prepared. Currently the domain name is parked on Go Daddy. I was not going to monetarily profit from it, but it would bring me traffic and I would send it to them. I have never run into this, but I am a reasonable person. If this is a stop doing business under this name letter what are my options without getting counsil. ( I'm going through enough with my ex not paying his part of agreement right at the time I'm going live with a site lol) or if they want to buy it from me how would I find out the fair market value of the domain to ensure the little guy is not getting swallowed by the big guy.

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  • Posted by Peter (henna gaijin) on Accepted
    Using a pre-existing company name for similar purposes is pretty much a no no in the States, unless you have a valid reason to use the name (such as if your family name is Walgreen).

    I wouldn't go too crazy until I saw the letter. But my expectations is that the best result you can get out of this would be for them to buy the name from you.

    Also, think about how you registered the name. When you registered it, did you put anything in the web site registration that says you are part of seniorwebsites? If not, then the may not have made the connection that you are trying to take advantage of the traffic for this site for similar purposes, so may just be asking to get the name back from you at this time.

    ps - The official name is Walgreens (with the S and no apostrophe) - I suspect you will find that "walgreens" is a registered trade mark.
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    do you still need help?

    if yes then you might want to contact the moderator
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