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Topic: Research/Metrics

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How To Drive Traffic Into A Automobile Showroom ?

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points
i'm in mktg in an automobile co. my dealer showrooms are experiencing very low walkins / retails. but competition is doing pretty well. we r low on brand equity also. how to increase footfalls & have effective conversions ??

  • Posted by Nicolas on Member
    Well aside from the location of the showrooms that can turn down potential visitors, there are a couple of criteria that impact on visitors (such as price and leasing conditions - i.e., how do you stand on that issue against your competitors? how flexible are you regarding terms of payment?).

    First, you need to know who your customers are and have a good communication channel established (direct mail, email, web site, telemarketing). Then you need to be able to communicate on benefits / value-added messages that will lead these prospects to consider your brand and visit your showroom.

    A few ideas to increase visits to showroom would be to host events:
    - Test drive: when you have a new model. Offer visitors to test drive your car for an hour or so. With a salesperson in the car, doing the selling while they drive.
    - Depending on your target group and the message you want to convey, invite a guest at your showrooms (stuntman, speaker, etc.).
    - Organise a convention on the premises of your largest showroom(s). Either with existing associations or something for all owners of 19xx year model of your brand; or maybe for bikers if your brand does motorbikes too. Etc.

    Bottom line, once you have identified your target group and know what makes them click, you can design activities that will draw them to your showroom.

    Hope this helps,

  • Posted on Member
    Looking at it from a consumer view, buying a car from a dealer showroom, at least here in the USA, is a completely unpleasant experience, unless it is a Saturn.

    This feeling is pretty much universally shared by everybody I have ever talked to.

    Never had the pleasure of shopping for Mercedes, BMW, Lexus, I'm told those can be pleasant experiences.

    So, a suggestion is differentiate yourself by making the entire process of buying a car from you a pleasant, no-hassle, trust-building experience.

    Look at Saturn's business model and the other dealers that consistently have high consumer satisfaction ratings.

    Your customers will be happy and satisfied and they will tell their friends providing you a consistent source of qualified leads.

    Hope that helps to get some ideas going.
  • Posted on Member
    If you're a dealership and have a service center, I would suggest using service and repair direct mail promotions as a part of a larger overall customer relationship management initiative. Oil changes, etc.

    Another idea might be to hold car care workshops or education seminars at your site. You could target your new car buyers and ask them to bring a friend. Getting further outside the box, you might sponsor a safety expert to give a presentation regarding child safety and target parents.
  • Posted on Member
    Are you having any sort of lunch events or contests/promos that drive people to the dealership? Are you creating a great experience for the potential car buyer? If not, then unless you have a brand of car, or prices that beat all others, it's going to be difficult.

    What about inviting a personality to appear? Or, you could offer incentives for test driving, then buying.
  • Posted by Amir on Accepted
    You see, there may be nothing wrong with hat you have to offer. You wont know what the problem is untill you get a substantial number of visitors at your showroom. These visitors will act as a sample to evaluate how good and attractive your offer is.

    What are your current conversion rates (Buyers/visitors). If its good, than the problem may be is low awareness about your showroom. If conversion rates are bad, then the offer has to be evaluated.

    See where the problem is and then look for a situation. For both the situations, some great advices have benn given above but still when it will help to know your problem better and then apply solutions.

    Good luck

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