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Resort Direct Marketing Outer Envelope Strategy

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My agency is launching a significant direct marketing campaign to both in-house lists as well as a compiled database. Our client is a resort operator and is counting on this campaign to drive response to trial a fractional ownership product. There is debate right now over the OE. With all of the direct mail entering households our original strategy is to keep the OE simple without a tag line or imagery to avoid giving the piece the "direct mail" look, with the anticipation the recipient will open the envelope. The envelope is sized @ 61/8 X 9. Agree or disagree?
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  • Posted by Chris Blackman on Member
    Agree with going pictorial on the envelope.

    However I think you need to focus on the offer, whatever it is, to trial the product. If it's something like a free trial overnight or weekend stay, why not put that on the envelope too?

    You need to give people a reason to open the thing. we are all deluged with so many messages everyday it becomes a chore to separate the wheat from the chaff. If it's a quality, no-obligation, genuine trial offer, then say so out front.

    A plain envelope might look like a bill or a fine for a driving offense, and creates tension before the addressee opens it. You don't need that when you're trying to persuade someone. If you struggle to get that, try piling your whole weeks mail up and sorting the envelopes into plain and printed... There's not much good news in the plain stuff, is there?

    Hope this helps.
  • Posted on Author
    Thank-you very much everyone for contributing so quickly to my dilemna! It's interesting that all of you agreed the envelope needed a lift. We will create additional options with compelling tags and images for our client to choose from.
    Much appreciation!

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