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Marketing Strategies In A Country Where There Is Political Crisis

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We are event organizing group wherein sponsorships of corporations play a meaty role in our success.

At present our country is in a political crisis and we don't know what is to happen next. However, as I see it, the business communities are doing their usual jobs and so are the people. Opposition ploys are not working and observers say we have "people power fatigue"

My question is " If you are the top executive of a company, would you order your marketing people to put a hold on your funds for sponsorship?

I'm eager to know since we have lots of events lined up.

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  • Posted by mgoodman on Accepted
    I think Jo's advice is probably right. As long as the events you're planning are not politically "loaded," it's probably reasonable to expect sponsorship/support from the business community.

    You may want to include some reference to the situation in your presentation, giving the executives some assurance that you're aware of what's going on and why it could be an issue. Then give them the rationale for going ahead and sponsoring anyway. If you deal head-on with the question that's on their minds, and offer them a plausable path forward that still serves their interests, they'll probably appreciate your candor and make the right decision.

    Besides, what other choice do you have?
  • Posted by mgoodman on Member
    I'm very familiar with your country and situation, having lived there and with family ties (in-laws who have mostly left by now). I also had a major corporate client with operations there, and I have worked on projects that required travel to, and involvement with the local management, in your country.

    You will undoubtedly encounter a lot of resistance from the corporate community in sponsoring events like yours, but there are many who will also sympathize with the goal -- at least privately.

    If you are careful to ensure that no companies will be publicly chastised as part of the program, you may be able to get sponsors to at least support the concept of a government free of corruption. It's touchy, but worth the effort.

    It is a shame to see what's happening to a beautiful country with some of the nicest, most generous and capable people in the world. I hope you are able to make your mark on this problem, however small in the scheme of things.

    Good luck.

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