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Topic: Strategy

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Is The Market Trend Positive For Cut Vegetables

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points
what is the trend of the market for cut vegetables(ready to cook vegetables) in India?

  • Posted on Accepted
    Hi Chandrabanu

    Don't you love convenience culture, or should it be the wash & go culture, I admit I used them too sometimes!

    Are you referring to frozen or fresh ones?

    I'd recommend talking and surveying your target audience. E-Marketing is right it does depend on the trend levels of your 'target audience/middle class market" have these been increasing over the last couple of years?

    You could also research number of new property developments aimed at this target audience to gauge the increases over the last couple of years. Look for key behavioural drivers/factors that directly affect your target audience.

    We also did similar studies for increase of freezers and refrigerators for the Eastern European market when doing a feasibility survey for launching frozen foods.

    Hope this helps.

    Zahid Adil

  • Posted by Puru Gupta on Accepted
    As is evident from the thread, you can divide the discussion, on the basis of the type of the cut Vegetables - fresh and frozen.
    In case of Frozen Vegetables, category, the market has advanced at a much faster rate in India.
    Though the market still leaves a lot of scope for expansion, with the advent of the increasing middle class, with high disposable incomes and high fliers, it is much ahead as compared to its counterpart.

    Consider all the FMCGs in the country - the Frozen Foods market has been enhanced to include the Vegetables also - Safal, MTR (and probably, KITChens) would be a pertinent example.

    On the other hand, the Freshly Cut Vegetables - till now, the organized market is at a very nascent stage right now. As far as I know, only 1-2 Brands exist in the category (Mother Dairy and Safal is what strikes me as of now plus there is another one - cant recall the name right now, sorry! It is Domestic FMCG, advertising using the health plank - FMCG).

    A Caveat - Though you might not find much competiton, with a Market Anaysis - a closer look at all the Domestic FMCGs would reveal that time and again, the Market Surveys do not present a exciting figure! It is yet to be termed a potential growth area. Reason : Unorganized Sector and the timelines!

    The biggest T in your SWOT is the unorganized sector. If you are planning to venture into "Fresh Cut" Vegetables - you would not find many takers, with the local Mandis still the pick of the day...

    Since th Rural population would be naturally indifferent to your offerings, you have limited opportunities - in the cities and towns - to tap the Urban Population.

    Frozen Foods -- Safal was successful - They started with Peas and subsequently, expanded their offerings.
    Fresh Cut -- Mother Dairy - Is that the kind of business model you are looking at?

    Hope this helps!
    Best Wishes,

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