Question:Where can you find a good resource to learn more about marketing return on investments?

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Essentially, calculating a marketing return on investment works like this.
Figure out all the ways that a client could save money by using your product (e.g., including marketing training cost savings, finding new marketing employees, time to market, etc.) that would fall under the heading of marketing. The fuller the list the better. A an individual customer would them be able to indicate in what areas your product provides savings and how much. Since companies and individuals can't usully provide an overall answer easily, you might break it down, say into months and then aggregate up to a given time period (say, a year).

The marketing return on investment then is how much money they save, say in a given year, divided by the costs of your product for that year. It really is simple in concept, but difficult in practice since you need to help the client understand the sources of savings (many of which can be quite subtle).

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