Question:Is there a systematic sales process for selling products?

Answer:There are many systematic sales processes out there that you can turn to, however let us suggest a good starting point. This is best thought of as a 5 step process. First, you must establish rapport and credibility to the person (i.e., the client) you're trying to sell to. After you've established this rapport and credibility, then start to gather information about what needs the client is trying to satisfy. This takes some patience and the more difficult ability to listen carefully. Next try posing some action to solve the client's problem. Finally, try to get some sort of commitment from the client. Even a small commitment is important to achieve. You can build on that larger commitment later.

Note all of this does not have to be done at one time. Don't rush it. Good selling takes time, and some clients don't want to be rushed. In any event, you can start this whole process off by doing some pre-call planning, that is figure out what you want to accomplish before you meet the client.

Again, you can make this more complicated by adding steps in between, but the basic process is essentially the same.