Question:How can I make my e-mail marketing more valuable to my customers?

Answer:What you need to know about conveying value through e-mail newsletters -- and then some -- can be found in an excelent article by contributors Tamara Halbritter and Kevin Sullivan.
Here's their advice in a nutshell:

E-newsletter marketing is less intrusive than traditional advertising. It provides an alternative that is more appealing to most readers, and is more effective because each e-newsletter delivers value to your customers and prospects on a regular basis. Plus, you can track which articles are most read, i.e., which information is most important to your readers.
Advertising guru David Olgilvy (1911-1999) said, “There is no need for advertisements to look like advertisements. If you make them look like editorial pages, you will attract about 50 percent more readers.”
That statement holds true in e-newsletter marketing. Rather than one to three percent of readers opening a direct mail piece and requesting more information, over 50 percent of recipients click on e-newsletter articles to get more information.
- Information Relevant to Readers
- Solve customers’ day-to-day business problems.
- Keep your readers informed.
- Deliver business-critical information.
- Save time.

Read the whole article here

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