Question:I heard that "trust" is critical in the e-newsletter business. How do I build "trust"?

Answer:Funny you should ask!
The ever-growing archive is loaded with articles that will help you create better, more valuable e-newsletters and Internet marketing communication tools.
For startes, check this wonderful article by Tamara Halbritter and Kevin Sullivan, that deals specifically with the issue of trust (go to

Not only can an e-newsletter demonstrate value to your customers, but also it can change your customers’ perception of your business. By including timely articles solving current business problems, you show your customers that you understand them. This repeatedly reinforces their importance to you. While attracting new prospects and sustaining their interest over time, you’re building their trust in your company.
This article will show you how to:

- Know Your Customers
- Be a Credible Source
- Speak from Integrity
- Build a Community

An e-newsletter is one way to reinvent your company’s message and meet the needs of your customers. In being a consistently knowledgeable solution provider, you will build the trust of your customers and prospects.