Question:How is an e-mail marketing different from traditional direct marketing?

Answer:Many advertisers in the business-to-business (B2B) sector have unwittingly embraced a faulty syllogism that often results in unsuccessful campaigns.

This flawed logic works as follows:

1. E-mail marketing is related to traditional direct marketing.

2. A traditional direct marketing campaign often consists of just one mailing.

3. Therefore, you can likewise limit an e-mail marketing campaign to just one mailing.

E-mail marketing works differently. People tend to read e-mail messages -- even those formatted in HTML -- from top to bottom in a linear fashion. This linearity actually works to an advertiser's advantage because it provides more control over recipient behavior. However, cramming the material from a traditional direct marketing campaign into one e-mail message (as advertisers often do) results in an overly long message more likely to confuse rather than persuade. contributor Neil J. Squillante explains the whole deal in a wonderful article that you can find in our archives.
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