Question:What's the importance of e-mail marketing to B2B communications? contributor Jason Kassel is well aware of the importance of e-mail marketing in B2B communications. In one of his articles, he writes:

More than half the nation, 143 million people, goes online regularly. Two million new users sign up for Internet service each month. Email is the most common use. The second is product research with about one third of Americans going online to search for product or service information. When a newsletter full of valuable information arrives in the user's inbox it capitalizes on these two main uses; email and information.

When applied in a business-to-business application, email newsletter marketing is even more power. Almost sixty percent of employed people have Internet access at work. Eighty percent of professionals and managers use the Internet, and seventy percent of those in sales, technical, or administrative support. Email newsletters in a B2B application therefore miss only a small percentage of your target market, decision makers. And even this small gap is rapidly closing. Internet use in the workplace is growing at a vigorous 54 percent rate annually. Soon email newsletters will saturate a market as completely as direct mail or print, radio, and television advertising.

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