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Top 10 Advocacy and Referral Strategies for 2017

Jen Gray
Kerry O'Shea Gorgone
Tue, Jan 24, 2017, 1pm ET
45 minutes

We live in an extremely overcrowded, tech-first society where competition is fierce. How do you compete?

As a marketer, it's not enough to just acquire new customers. You need to carve out a niche and build an army of passionate advocates who are excited about your brand and keep coming back for more. However, getting those customers isn't as easy as slapping rewards together and asking your advocates to refer their friends.

Join us for this free seminar to discover 10 strategies to help you locate and engage your high-value customers so they spend more and stay loyal longer.

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Jen Gray is the director of marketing at Extole and has led their marketing and sales development efforts for four years. She is responsible for all marketing initiatives including strategic planning, demand generation, sales development, and more. Prior to Extole, she was a strategic marketing consultant and manager at MarketBridge where she worked with executives from Fortune 1000 companies and delivered digital marketing and sales enablement solutions.

Who Should Attend?

Any marketer looking to build an army of advocates.

What Will You Learn?

  • How to design a mobile-first advocate experience
  • How to build your advocate army
  • Why you should make it personal (faces everywhere)!

About Our Sponsor:

ExtoleBrands use Extole to create connections that turn customers into advocates. Our enterprise advocacy platform and team of experts create beautiful advocate, sharing, and referral programs so brands can harness the power of their advocates. By creating millions of advocates, we help marketers scale word-of-mouth to acquire new customers and increase loyalty using their greatest advantage: their customers.

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