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Don't Worry, Just Steal Ideas: Digital Hacks to Supercharge Your Buyer's Journey

Bill Kent, Troy O'Bryan
Laura Forer
Act-On Software
Tue, Dec 5, 2017, 1pm ET
45 minutes

You've heard it a million times (because it's true): the key to digital success is creating a seamless journey for your customers. Not sure if you’re succeeding or even where to begin?

Don't agonize! You're not the first one to tackle this problem. And if you're like us, you LOVE to borrow someone else's proven, successful ideas.

Join us for this free seminar to get real-word examples and tips to help you optimize and accelerate the customer journey across digital channels—from content to clicks to customer advocates.

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Bill Kent is the director of demand generation at Act-On Software. With experience building dozens of cross-channel marketing strategies and countless high-performing campaigns, Bill's secret is simple: never stop learning and looking for "edge." His career has been equally split between setting strategy in-house and being a trusted adviser to marketing and sales leaders from the agency side.

Troy O'Bryan is the VP of strategic growth at Bonfire Marketing and is an unapologetic metrics-driven marketer. With more than 18 years in an agency, he has helped 22 Fortune companies and over 110 small- and medium-sized businesses drive revenue and a higher ROI from their marketing.

Who Should Attend?

Want to learn hacks to supercharge your customer journey? This seminar is for you.

What Will You Learn?

  • How to use data-driven nurturing more effectively (for nerds and non-nerds)
  • How to create truly compelling content (fun for creatives and the rest of us)
  • Compelling campaign and actionable personalization ideas (beyond the buzzword)

About Our Sponsor

Act-On Act-On Software delivers cloud-based integrated marketing automation software. Its platform is the foundation of successful marketing and sales departments in organizations of all sizes. Act-On's highly intuitive user interface, complete online marketing tool set, Act-On Anywhere business productivity application, and affordable pricing have enabled the adoption of marketing automation technologies without the need for dedicated IT support.

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