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Take 10: Everything You Need to Know About LinkedIn Answers

Jason Alba
Fri., Jul. 16, 2010, 11am ET (8am PT)
10 minutes
This online marketing seminar received 5 star(s)

Are you using LinkedIn Answers as a strategic communications and branding tool? You should be. One of the most powerful LinkedIn features, Answers allows you to grow your network, nurture relationships, and share your brand.

But knowing how to ask a clear, focused question is vital to getting the most out of LinkedIn Answers. This webcast teaches you how to craft questions that put your brand in front of your prospects and clients as well as establish you as a thought leader in your space. Plus, LinkedIn expert Jason Alba shows you how to participate by answering questions from other LinkedIn members as well.


Jason Alba is a LinkedIn expert, the author of I'm on LinkedIn—Now What??? and I'm on Facebook—Now What? and CEO of the career management tool He is passionate about all things related to career management, from understanding the job search and career management environment to knowing what professionals could do to create some kind of "job security." Jason brings this passion and energy in speeches and workshops across the country.

Who Should Attend?

This PRO webcast is for time-pressed marketers. If you don’t like taking notes, you’ll love the checklist. And if you want to learn during your commute (or at the gym, at a coffee shop, at the airport, or while walking your dog), even better. This Take 10 is portable.

What Will You Learn?

  • Create the right kind of question that will be value-add to you, even if you don't get any responses.
  • Plan a monthly or annual strategy to ask questions
  • Communicate regularly with your network through questions
  • Best practices for emailing your network members and how often to ask questions
  • Identify questions you can answer to increase your visibility and strengthen your network
  • Get the most out of your interaction in Answers

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