Why these six elements?

All of the most successful marketing campaigns have something in common. Actually, they have six things in common.

That's true whether your campaign relies primarily on email, content, search engine marketing, account-based marketing... or a combination thereof.

These six elements aren't new inventions—they're what the more successful marketers use regularly. What is new is our accessible, practical, structured approach to training that makes it easy for you to develop winning campaigns that drive real results, every time.

MarketingProfs Campaign Framework

Everything begins with strategy. In Marketing, strategy is our bedrock. Our core. Our foundation of any solid marketing campaign. You'll return to this center again and again whenever you need to alter your course or find fresh inspiration.

Next up: tactics. You plan your campaign, create your assets, communicate with your audience, and analyze your results. Then you take what you learn and you do it again. Only better.

Management, the final element, keeps your campaigns in balance. You'll know how to best engage the right people, tools, and processes.

The success of every marketing campaign relies on a solid understanding and regular use of these six elements. And that's what our training program gives you. No more—and no less—than what you need, MarketingProfs Campaign Framework follows the campaign lifecycle full circle.

You're already a can-do, creative problem solver. Master our approach... and you'll be unbeatable.

The Elements

  • Strategy

    Research your market. Analyze your competition. Discover your strengths. State your objectives. Establish your position. Your marketing strategy is the heart of your annual marketing plan. Like a compass, your strategy will guide you throughout campaign planning and execution.

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    Every flawlessly executed marketing campaign begins with careful planning. You'll state your campaign goals and determine how to measure success. Select your audience, set your schedule, and decide what to test. Then identify the resources you'll need to bring your campaign to life.

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    Once you have a plan, it's time to develop the creative assets for your campaign. You'll generate compelling content, persuasive messages, user-friendly designs, and visually appealing graphics. You'll make multiple versions of some of these assets to test against each other.

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  • Communicate

    It's time to get your message out the door. You'll determine when and where your target audience will be most responsive. You'll publish your assets, set up your experiments, and confirm your tracking system is working. When your campaign is all set... Go! Watch the results roll in.

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    Never before has data been so accessible and abundant. Learn how to analyze your data and how to apply what you learn to optimize future campaigns. Track your progress against the goals you set, and make adjustments to keep your current campaign on course to deliver stellar returns.

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    Good management practices make it possible to respond to the changing landscape quickly and efficiently. Subjects like marketing automation, project management, budgeting, presentations, and hiring provide a solid foundation for your campaigns and keep them humming smoothly along.

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