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"These days, it seems that no one has time to say a very sincere 'thanks'. I would like to do my part to reverse this regrettable trend.

My PRO membership in has quickly become my most PRODUCTIVE, reliable and (most important to me) actionable marketing info resource. I've been in marketing for more than 20 years, 8 of them as "Senior VP - Marketing/Advertising" of a semi-major NYSE company, and can very honestly say that no matter what position a potential subscriber occupies in the marketing hierarchy, a PRO subscription to marketingprofs is absolutely mandatory.

Your subscriber benefits go way beyond measurable value!!

Thanks again for over-delivering and under-hyping!"

Rick Graef, Bluewater Marketing Services, Inc.

"Just wanted to let you know that I love (L-O-V-E) your newsletter.  I studied marketing at Wharton, Proctor & Gamble, and Johnson & Johnson, and I think your newsletter rivals any of those organizations at opening the mind to new marketing concepts.  Great job.  Keep up the good work."
Eric Davis, Vice President, MarketingS2K Graphics (a Signs 2000 company).

"I came upon your site today and think it's excellent. As the author of 11 published books on marketing (and probably quite full of myself about it) I can appreciate what goes into pulling together so much information from so many sources and presenting it in an original and innovative way. Congratulations -- and thank you."
Joe Marconi, Joe Marconi Marketing Communications, Inc.

"I just want to let you know that I look forward to receiving the newsletter and print the articles before reading them...most of the articles relate to what I do (I am a marketing writer for an IT company)...and they are well written, informative and very topical... I receive a few marketing-type e-newsletters and yours is by far the best! In fact it's fantastic!"
Edith Crnkovich Marketing Communications Specialist

"Now that has an extensive collection of smart people writing smart, up-to-date perspectives and tutorials and makes it tough on those of us who write Internet marketing books!",
Jim Sterne, Author,

"I love MarketingProfs ... it's one of the few newsletters I look forward to receiving and I actually read (and use) it from top to bottom. My background is technical and management oriented -- my marketing activities have been more of a hobby conceived out of the necessity that someone has to do it for the companies with which I'm involved. Even for an inexperienced laymen such as me, I find MarketingProfs interesting and educational. Keep up the great work!"
Rob Lindsey, empagio

"Thank you for the great newsletters. You always seem to hit on the right topics and it sure makes my job much easier."
Cindy Esler , Global E-Commerce Specialist, Dow Corning Corporation

"I never really considered MarketingProfs as a competitor to ClickZ. I always thought the hands on advice I get from MarketingProfs was far more useful than some of the technical marketing jargon used on ClickZ. I look forward to my MarketingProfs newsletter each week, whereas my daily ClickZ articles are just deleted." Jonathan Dyer, Internet Marketing Strategist,
Paracon Holdings

"I receive a TON of "marketing" newsletters on a daily basis. However, your newsletter is by far the best, most useful newsletter I receive." Kerry Carey,Marketing Manager,
Logistics Management Solutions

"I want to say that I love the Marketingprofs newsletter. The layout, presentation, and content virtually scream "professional". The information provided is extremely valuable and varied enough to maintain customer interest." Debra Herkes,
Multimedia Entertainment Inc.

"Thanks to you and your colleagues for this great newsletter. This is one of my preferred sources for information and I actually look forward to it dropping through my letter box (electronically speaking)." Martin Milner, Client Services Manager,

"Congrats on a great publication – it’s easy to read and highly informative… definitely one of the best!"
John Ginsberg ENVENT | Digital Innovation

"Just wanted to commend you on the valuable resource you provide through your e-newsletter. The brief synopsis of articles, allows me to go right to what is most important to me. It's a great publication, and I thank you for providing this vital link to marketing information".
Sheree Ann Martines, WFAE Corporate Relations

"A relative newcomer in marketing publishing, provides both strategic and tactical marketing advice through a combination of articles and commentary. Offers a great deal thanks to dual strengths of academic research and the practical know-how from analysts and marketing professionals. Displays its impressive depth of analysis in feature articles in Perspectives, and the Resources section provides links to several useful and allied sites. Free membership to the site brings with an additional feature in the form of tutorials on everything from conducting a brainstorming session to measuring your return on brand investment."
Emerald Management Reviews - Cool Sites, 5 Stars

"Marketing without MarketingProfs in your arsenal is like being a contractor without a hammer, a surgeon without a scalpel, or a programmer without a computer."
Geoffrey R. Small, Product Manager, AnySite Technologies, LLC

"I am president and CEO of a new startup company and am delighted to have found your site.Your content and presentation of the content is well-done and straightforward."
Julie Maier President/CEO, xJurisProfits, LLC

"Congratulations on putting together a great web site. I'm sure people like me who stay current on marketing issues will find this to be a fantastic resource."
Chris Perry, Vice President, Weber Shandwick Worldwide

"GREAT SITE! I just discovered it and am signing up for everything! As a former "brand guy" (Kraft, Coke, etc.) I really enjoy it. It's also going to really help me better understand applying what I learned in the packaged goods world to the Internet."
Michael Moore, President,

"I can honestly say this is the first time I've sent an email commending an electronic newsletter...Your newsletter is thought-provoking and your website extremely well-organized and, yes, "sticky".
Cliff Langston,

" I've spent the better part of two days doing research on value proposition development and was, by far, the most insightful and content-rich site I visited."
Jennifer Galley, Solutions Marketing Manager, ACL Services Ltd.

"I just wanted to send a note to congratulate you on a great, kick-ass newsletter. I think that of the dozen-or-so business newsletters I subscribe to MarketingProfs is my favourite. You're all doing a great job with it - well-structured, relevant, well-written, practical and delivered to a "not too frequent, not too infrequent" schedule. It's all there!"
Patrick McAuliffe, Odyssey Marketing Pty Ltd.

"A great way to keep up with marketing trends."
Peter Kaufman, Creative Strategist and Copywriter for and Clickz columnist.

"..varied and expertly articulated articles running the gamut of marketing topics"
Harvard Business School's Working Knowledge Web Site

"Captivating . . . . No-nonsense . . . Well-Organized....successfully strives to erase puffery and does not masquerade as a series of advertorials"
Larry Chase (WDFM newsletter)

"This is a Fabulous site. Having worked in a Blue Chip Company previously,I used to get a lot of these learnings internally. But now working for a small internet company, these professional views are invaluable! Great as a reminder, Great as a thought provoker, Great as a new angle on an old topic! Congratulations!"
J. Derry, (

"This is a well organized, easy-to-navigate site that also has alot of "meat." Overall this is one of the most informative marketing web sites out there." -
Relationship Marketing Newsletter (

"I have just started reading your Web site and just wanted to tell you I find the information very educational and informative. I empathize with a lot of the articles as well and look forward to receiving your newsletter in my inbox. Congrats and keep up the good work."
Stephanie Martinovich, Marketing Manager, eMagine, LLC, (

"Thanks for being a vital and free source of sound, insightful information on marketing."
Jill Stevens, Vice President of Strategy and Services, Braindance (

"Just wanted you to know how very relevant the material is that you have on your site. I subscribe to Clickz,, etc. etc. Out of all of them, I find your stuff the best. I have referred your site to a number of my associates. Keep doing what you’re doing."
Kay Stelling, SR. VP Marketing & Sales,

"I happily stumbled upon your website and have already forwarded it to many of my colleagues. I look forward to many great articles to come. Thank you for providing this great resource."
Jenny Gilbert, Alliance Marketing Manager, KPMG Consulting, Inc.


"Just wanted to say thanks for putting together such a wonderful newsletter. There is a great deal of information without being cluttered or hard to find. I truly appreciate being able to find information easily without being bombarded with sales pitches from left and right! Keep up the good work!"
Editor, Staff Notes (

"As someone who has been in the Marketing field for almost 40 years, is a Member of the Marketing Institute of Australia, and is the publisher of Web Marketing Ezine, I have to tell you what a joy it was to find your site today. It strikes a great balance between Internet enthusiasm and scholarship. Thank you for providing such useful and well-written resources."
John Payne, Publisher, Web Marketing Ezine

"Is it abnormal to feel love for a Web site? Well, if loving is wrong, I don't wanna be right. The site, with articles from marketing professors and pros, is chock-full of useful marketing data, from how to determine the size of your market to how to make a Web site memorable. The site does require you to log in, but it's well worth it. The resources page is well-organized and helpful. Here in Maine, our slogan is "Maine—the way life should be." Well, is the way a Web site should be—easy to navigate and brimming with valuable content" Biz Start-ups.

"Excellent - thank you. I have forwarded your site to my associates for use with their clients. Please let me know what I can do to help promote your site. Thank you!" -
Tracy Smuts, Capstone Media.

" was founded by a professor of marketing at the University of Southern California. Here you will find straightforward articles about forecasting and how to develop marketing plans, a no-nonsense glossary and a marketing know-how quiz. It also has a "useless insights," in which it highlights recent market research that it deems pretty useless."
Local review

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