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This week I have stayed at three different hotel chains .... Marriott, Hilton and W (I am usually more loyal than this .... but had no choice)....

They are all building their brands through association with other brands. They realize that when they focus on what they do and partner with those who are experts in other aspects of the business, they are able to offer a more valuable and differentiated product.
With their toiletries, for example, Marriott features Bath and Body Works; Hilton is featuring Crabtree and Evelyn and W (a sister company to Bliss Spa) uses Bliss products.
These product affilations all same something about these hotels. There are still brands (Ritz Carlton, Westin, etc.) who use their own private label toiletries, but it seems that most hotel chains have caught onto how brand association enables them to reinforce and augment their brand attributes.
What brands do you partner with to bolster your brand?

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