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I just delivered a keynote the University of Michigan Alumni in New York ... clearly a career-minded group of professionals....

They really got the message about personal branding. I was surprised, however, to learn that most of them have not focused on building their on-line identities. Virtually all of them had googled themselves, yet few had ideas for how to increase their visibility by building their brands in bits and bytes.
Personal googling is a phenomenon. Your clients, partners, hiring managers and colleagues are googling you. In a world that is becoming more and more virtual, your on-line identity is often your entire identity.
Do you know what google says about you? Are you pro-actively managing your on-line identity?

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image of William Arruda

William Arruda is a personal branding pioneer, the founder and CEO of Reach Personal Branding, and the author of Ditch. Dare. Do! 3D Personal Branding for Executives.

Twitter: @williamarruda

LinkedIn: William Arruda