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...rule. At least in the global marketplace, they tend to fair better than men. Here are five reasons why....

1. We are more attentive and supportive toward others. We are socialized to give care and support to the people close to us and we often extend this caretaking impulse to people outside our family circle. It can serve you well in foreign business, too.
2. We study people, "read" their behavior and make judgments. We're concerned about why people do and say what they do. Men don't always notice (oh boy ... let's hear it from all you male bloggers!). Women do because we want to act effectively in the interpersonal world. We've developed an instinct for taking accurate readings in a hurry, and acting accordingly. Trust that instinct. Where language and cultural barriers hinder communications, it might be all you have.
3. We have enormous patience and capacity for forgiveness. The international business arena belongs to people who can give others the benefit of the doubt and let misunderstandings slide.
4. It's always been our job to know about etiquette and appropriate social behavior. Understanding foreign cultures, customs and protocol is absolutely essential if you want to succeed overseas. You can't afford not to learn the local system.
5. We are raised to be charming and pleasant to be around. Our sincerity and willingness to offer a conciliatory smile can save the day when things get awkward, or even outright nasty. Foreign associates appreciate charm, so smile warmly -- but stay on track with your business.
Women who enter the global arena make it their own. Do you?

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