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David Armano asks 'Is Creativity the New Innovation?' The answer is yes...

...and all you have to do is look around the latest viral media projects that keep popping up to see that, in fact, creativity is innovating online entrepreneurship.
Viral media entrepreneurism stems from projects like the Million Dollar Home Page, and most recently sites like, and (my personal favorite) 1000 Paintings.
Creative? Yes! Innovative? Yes.
Let's step back and take a different look at these types of viral media projects. So much has been written about how these projects are a "flash in the pan" or "short-term money making scams." The negatives aside, what we're seeing here is a creative, and innovative wave of online entrepreneurs who are using the Internet to reach beyond the regular pre-defined uses of how we interact with "our" Web. These projects, albiet not serious business models (yet), are providing both Web users and webmasters a look at how online marketing can think out of the box.
So what can we expect moving forward? Creatively, I don't see an end to projects like this as long as the money keeps flowing in, and most importantly...
As long as the value for the buyer continues to "be there." After all, in the end, any marketer will measure their return-on-investment against the cost. Well, they should at least.
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