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I jumped into a black cab yesterday in London and there it was, right in front of me, a giant TV screen. Yep, now even taxis have TV....

And this TV was advertising Blackberry between news clips. The TV sat between two other giant advertisements on the backs of the fold-down seats.
When I saw TVs in the Customs hall at JFK, I thought media had penetrated perhaps the last place you would expect to find it, but I had never even thought about taxis. Of course, there are TVs in the elevators in the Westin Times Square in NY and in the elevators at Worldwide Plaza too. Perhaps TVs will be installed in the sidewalks so we won't miss a second of our favorite programs or the commercials that pay for them....
We are being bombarded with more and more messages every day in every conceivable place. There are more advertising minutes per 30-minute sitcom than ever before. The average consumer just can't absorb all the information.
So as marketers, we have to be clever and more constant for our messages to cut through the ever-growing amount of clutter. That's where there's a real opportunity for creative marketers .... finding new and unique ways of getting your brand message to stand out. Product placement in shows like Extreme Home Makeover and Project Runway was clever but has lost its 'wow' factor.
I would love to hear from those of you who have created or seen some clever marketing that has delivered the message to the target audience, cutting through the clutter.
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