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Blogging doesn't get marketers to the executive suite and won't keep them there....

What elevates the influence and business impact of marketers is driving the CEO's agenda for top line and bottom line growth. A blog, regardless of how widely read, is unlikely to deliver revenues and profits, neither in the short term nor in the long term.
Observing that few CMOs blog in a recent post, Mario Sundar argues that it's "imperative for CMOs/VPs of Marketing to blog, since they are expected to be the voice of the company."
I disagree. Blogs are another communications medium, and C-suite marketers who are focused on communications do not stay in the position very long.
Perhaps that's why in a study of CMO longevity Spencer Stuart found that CMOs of the top 100 branded companies have an average tenure of under two years.
I interviewed successful CMOs for my forthcoming book, Marketing Champions and found that they are not concerned solely with getting the word out about the organization's products and services. CMOs are most concerned with creating and keeping customers for cash flow now and in the future.
For example, read interviews I conducted and published on MarketingProfs Today with Wendy Dixon of Bristol-Myers Squibb, Jeffrey Glueck of Travelocity and John Elkins of Visa.
Also view an online video interview with Best Buy CEO Michael Linton at
Is it surprising that these CMOs do not blog or even comment on blog posts? They are busy with other things more directly connected to cash flow.
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Roy Young is coauthor of Marketing Champions: Practical Strategies for Improving Marketing's Power, Influence and Business Impact.