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I apologize that I can't remember where I read this quote earlier this week–

...I believe that it was on a blog post somewhere (so if you know, tell me and I'll make it right). And it went something like: "Word of mouth marketing isn't cheap. It's cheaper."
What a beautiful set of words. It's something that I find myself explaining more and more frequently. I don't know if it's because there's a perception that WOMM is an intangible (which it's not) or that you can't track the ROI (which you can). Or maybe because it's still this hazy subject for a lot of marketers and, in all honesty, there are still a lot of unknowns.
Everyday there is more and more evidence documented that word of mouth marketing .... done the right way, mind you - is effective. And effective is worth paying for, eh? So while a WOMM plan MIGHT BE LESS expensive than that double-truck gatefold buyout for twelve months, it's not necessarily going to be cheap. Because, in all reality, engaging in an open, honest conversation with your customers is a whole lot more work.
(Hey, it's my first post at the DailyFix! Thanks for the invite and know that I'm honored to be associated with some great thinkers.)

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Spike Jones

Brains on Fire

Spike Jones hails from the Lone Star state, where they brainwash you at an early age to take pride in who you are and where you're from (and they sure got a hold of him). After graduating from Baylor University with a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies and a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, he bounced around the country and finally landed in the Southeast over at the naming and identity company of Brains on Fire (

He began his career there as a copywriter, crafting compelling stories for national and international clients. And while Spike still enjoys wordsmithing, he is now involved on the creative strategy side of the business from insight to the creation of word of mouth movements to building regional and national identities for companies across many industries. Brands he’s helped strengthen include BMW, Rawlings Sporting Goods, Dagger Kayaks, Don Pablo’s Mexican Restaurants, Fiskars Brands, Yakima, Perception Kayaks and Rage Against the Haze (South Carolina’s youth-led anti-tobacco movement).

Spike has been a speaker at national and local events and is the main contributor to the Brains on Fire group blog (, which discusses current naming, identity and word of mouth issues and trends. It is also among the top read and resourced blogs in the marketing industry

When he’s not around his favorite people in the world (his fellow Brains on Fire-mates) or traveling around the country, you can find Spike out for a run flanked by his 100 lb. Chocolate lab, Mud.

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Brains on Fire
148 River Street, Suite 100
Greenville, SC 29601

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