I had heard a week ago from the blog of Shel Holtz (of For Immediate Release fame) that a PR agency called Text100 had set up an office in SecondLife, and my immediate reaction was somewhat ambivalent....

With Adidas, American Apparel, and the Starwood Hotel opening, I ignored it as a sort of "me too" thing. That was until I saw their introductory video on YouTube that was entirely filmed in SecondLife and provides a great introduction as to why SecondLife is a communication tool of growing importance.

Link to video for feedfans
Apart from the fact that this supports the message that Text100 can serve as a guide to companies around the communication opportunities in SecondLife, it demonstrates a wonderful way use SecondLife for corporate videos.
Think about virtual tours of facilities, product launches, even testing product concepts. It seems to me that SecondLife is a great opportunity to help customers experience aspects of your company, your products, your ideas...in ways that are more visceral and tangible.

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Corporate Videos 2.0: SecondLife Machinima + YouTube

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Karl Long, straight talk, critical thinking, and strategic vision. Karl is fascinated in what happens and what value can be created "in the space between" customers and businesses, it is this space that customer experience happens, brands are built, value is co-created, and sometimes customers are let down.

Karl likes to focus on these areas and is a passionate believer that companies that pay attention to this space, like Google, Netflix, Amazon, ikea & ebay, create the strongest brands that essentially market themselves.

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