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How many business cards have you collected in your inventory? Hundreds? Maybe more...?

If you haven't discarded them (after scanning them into business card software), try this exercise.
Take out 10 random business cards from your collection and for each one, score two points for each of the criteria below. If a card meets only part of a criterion, give it one point.

  • The weight of the card stock feels substantial and isn't flimsy.

  • The company name or logo is clear and easy to read and is the largest item on the card.

  • The logo is unique and doesn't look like it came from the clip art of a desktop publishing program.

  • The font size and style make the information easy to read.

  • The person's name is the second most prominent item on the card.

  • There's a telephone number, fax number, e-mail address and Web site - all clearly marked.

  • If the card is in color, there isn't an overuse of colors and there's a sense of a company color scheme.

  • The back of the card is used for additional information.

  • The card is well designed and professional in appearance.

  • There isn't an overload of copy and there's some white (empty) space.

How many cards scored between 16/20 and 20/20?
Now take out YOUR business card and do the same exercise. How does it rate?
Your business card is a mini presentation of you and your company. It's a leave-behind that can either be kept or tossed by your prospects. Your business card, along with your company logo, letterhead and materials need to reflect credibility, professionalism and trustworthiness. They're part of your brand identity.

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