Tim Jackson shaves his legs. Troubling? Yes, but as usual he has a good reason for doing so....

It started as a childhood aspiration. Young Timothy was determined to join the world of professional bike racing and be like his hero, Greg LeMond. At the tender age of 12, Tim began shaving his legs and has not stopped for 24 years. He definitely stands out in a world of hairy-legged men.
"Shaving is the number one way we identify ourselves as cyclists in this world. It is the badge of seriousness, dedication, passion or belief. Shaving sets us apart from the unwashed masses of non-cyclists (or those dirty little mountain bikers who don't shave)."
The right aspiration, relentlessly pursued, results in a difference the world can see!
So, what is the right aspiration relentlessly pursued that any of us must choose if we are ever to be different enough for the world to see?

  • We all know that in a noisy world "different" is what gets you noticed.

  • We all know that being different, just to be different, doesn't take you far.

  • We all value the authentic difference that comes from passion, belief, soul and spirit.

  • We all marvel at the power of communities, formed around meaningful difference.

What is the equivalent of "shaved legs" in your industry, profession, or business? What will it take for you to get the razor out?
There are many "right" answers to this question. I bet you have some ideas, experiences, and insights.
Care to share?

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Aspire to Greatness: Shave Your Legs!

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Mike Wagner

As founder and president of White Rabbit Group, Mike Wagner has focused his energies on creating a model of branding every business leader can grasp and apply to their organization: Brand Ownership.

Mike’s understanding of creative and competitive business cultures was formed at Franklin Covey and Saturn where he witnessed how brand critical standards resulted in exceptionally successful marketing and sales processes.

In the early days of Internet marketing, Mike was instrumental in leading a web development company into Inc. Magazine’s 500 fastest growing companies. Helping clients make sense of e-business when others could not, his insight as an Internet business strategist won over clients that included Wells Fargo, Principal Financial Group, AOL Time Warner publishing, and more.

Mike speaks, trains, and coaches clients across the nation. His messages and workshops help business leaders re-imagine their brands and creatively practice enterprise-wide brand ownership. He is the author of the professional business blog, Own Your Brand.