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Fridays are usually the day to wrap up unfinished business and miscellaneous tasks, but much happened over the weekend in the Daily Fix blog community. So on this Monday, I bring you the news....

* * * * *
Most importantly, our thoughts are with Lewis Green today. Lewis's 91-year-old mother passed away early Saturday morning after a struggle with Alzheimer's. Lewis penned a beautiful tribute to his mother in which he said, in part,

"Next Thursday, I will deliver her eulogy at the funeral mass. What will I say and how will I say it? In our town and throughout New Hampshire, she was both loved and feared. The same was true in our home. Where did the years go?"

Like a true writer, Lewis wrote about his mother to understand both her life and her death. Powerful stuff. And dear Lewis .... - we are thinking of you this week.
* * * * *
David Armano was busy this weekend–.sewing up a new batch of t's in time for the holidays. I love his rendition of 2.0 Restoom Man as well as his Eat. Sleep. Blog. (although my version of that would be "Eat. Ignore Family. Blog." (Ha! Just kidding.)
Check out David's designs. I know I'm buying one or two, as well we all should. As I've said before, David is a truly talented rock star, and some day you'll be proud to sport an classic Darmano Design.
* * * * *
CK is in DC today at WOMMA. While she's away, the MP Book Club is going strong–
  • We are *this close* to having 500 readers particiopating.

  • The 30 free copies of Citizen Marketers go out today (thank you to Jackie and Ben)

  • Free-book recipients have been notified by CK and they'll have their books in 7-10 business days (14 biz days for you internationals.)

  • * * * * *
    Finally -- Andrea Learned tagged me. I confess I haven't heard a whisper of this whole tagging meme; apparently I am hopelessly out of the loop.
    Nonetheless, in the spirit of blog buddiness, here's five things you didn't know about me:
    I am the baby (by far) in a family of four. My next closest sibling is 7 years older, and my brother and 2 sisters still call me Annie. Which cracks my friends up.
    My first job was working the window at Jack in the Box, or "Smack in the Chops" as our crew termed it.
    I use both a Mac and a PC .... one example of my many paradoxes and inherent conflicts. I am useless with hardware for either one of them.
    I have read every book by Alexander McCall Smith, most of them on a beach.
    I suffered an anxiety attack two weeks ago at the Epcot attraction Mission: SPACE. The simulated weightlessness and centrifuge, combined with the being locked into an enclosed seat in a sealed area smaller than a bread box, pretty much confirmed my inability to ever travel in, you know, actual space!
    Rules of the game now specify that I now tag five people to carry on the thread. I was going to include David Armano, because he's a good friend and a great guy, as well as Christina Kerley, partly because she grew up in my home town, which still blows me away. But Gavin Heaton beat me to it! Mike Wagner and Tom Asacker were also on my list. Damn!
    Mack Collier, because he'll die of embarrassment over this task.
    Tim Jackson, because I'm pretty sure he has a colorful history.
    Gianandrea Facchini, because I'm so impressed that this Italian blogs in English.
    Mario Sundar, because he is one of the nicest people I know.
    Nedra Weinreich, because I love her blog's voice.
    Have a great week, all.

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