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Test your own brain with this "sex i.d. profile" (on the BBC site) to see where it tracks on the continuum between feminine and masculine....

As the site points out:
The results are based on the angles, spot the difference, 3D shapes and words tasks.
Bear in mind that your performance may be affected by many factors in addition to gender, like age and intelligence.

I did the profile and came up -- no surprise -- nearer to the middle than the far end of the feminine side. I have some male and female traits when it comes to spatial ability and my left brain is slightly dominant, among other things. (I have never been what might be called a really girly-girl.)
It is fascinating, and hey - maybe you could use this to gauge where the men on your marketing and sales teams fall on the continuum? If you find a few guys that are all the way over to the extreme masculine side, for example, perhaps you should get some help training them to tap their feminine brains!
I'd love to hear what you find out (esp. if you are surprised with the results) -- so let me know. And, thanks much to Gavin Heaton for pointing me to the profile.

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