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As spring rolled around, I started getting bombarded by resumes as college seniors figured out that pretty soon they'd need a real job. Every year I sadly shake my head at the typos, misspelling of my name and cookie cutter cover letters. So I did what any self-respecting agency owner would do - I blogged about it!

But instead of just complaining, I asked readers to offer words of advice for the new job seekers and promised to put it into a shareable format once we gathered enough ideas. I suggested it might be a better graduation gift than a digital camera! Boy, was I right.
I've come to be a huge fan of collaboration. I don't care how smart I am (leave it alone!), as a collective - we are smarter. When I am wrestling with a knotty problem for a client, I can toss it up in the air and see where the collective takes it. When I have a good idea, like this e-book for college grads, the collaboration makes it better.
The "Giving College Grads A Fighting Chance" e-book is the perfect example of how collaboration can take things to the next level. Download your free copy and read what many Daily Fix authors and other marketing experts had to say about breaking into the job market. Whether you are a new grad or an old dog - I promise it is worth the read.
And to the collective, a tip of the hat and deep appreciation for the value you add.

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