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I started a new job last week at HP as Vice President, Marketing for its Digital Photography and Entertainment businesses. Think digital cameras, photo compact printers, Snapfish, retail photofinishing and DVD on demand.

I am very excited by the tremendous growth opportunities in all these businesses for HP and by the market disruptions that digital technologies provide us. I look forward to leveraging my customer centricity and web 2.0 experiences to compete with the likes of Kodak.
So here are my recommendations for your summer vacation shopping:
- Digital camera r937 (available this summer): this 8-megapixel camera has the largest touch screen interface (3.6inch) of ANY camera on the market. This allows you to apply creative touches, easily tag photos, add e-mail addresses for easy sharing and create slide shows .... all in the camera. The digital camera includes the latest HP Design Gallery features such as in-camera red-eye removal, pet-eye fix and the famous slimming feature. Don't forget to buy a few accessories!
- HP Photosmart 475 Compact Photo Printer: This compact printer is the only printer of its kind: it allows you to store up to 1,000 photos! It also lets you print true-to-life 5 x 7" photos, as well as 4 x 6"s and panoramas.
- Snapfish: Register for the best value in photography (12c each 4x6 print) and benefit from the summer sale with 30% off all gifts
- Visit our Photosmart studios, for example at Albertsons in Huntington Beach. *Update* - Find the HP retail photo service closest to you to quickly create fun photo products here.
- Download a few movies at Walmart.com
The obvious next question is: what should I do with my blog? I welcome your thoughts, suggestions, feedback, and advice on the following questions:
- What topics should I cover? Web 2.0 marketing, digital photography trends, our new products and ventures, all of the above?
- Should I be more "aggressive" in challenging competitive claims?
- Which name shall I give the blog?
I cannot wait to hear your thoughts.

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p>Eric Kintz
Vice President, Global Marketing Strategy & Excellence
Hewlett-Packard Company
Marketing Excellence blog

Eric leads HP’s marketing strategy worldwide, reporting to Cathy Lyons, HP's Chief Marketing Officer. He is responsible for developing HP’s strategic approach to all marketing disciplines. As part of that, he spearheaded HP’s strategic framework for marketing which is built around a unified focus: To strengthen customers’ and employees’ relationship to the HP Brand to profitably grow the business and leverage HP’s impressive portfolio.

He is recognized as a thought leader in the most rapidly growing areas of interest and emerging opportunities in the marketing space, including the integration of rigorous discipline into Marketing processes and measurement. He also takes an innovative approach to Internet Marketing and authors HP’s most successful blog – “Marketing Excellence.”

Eric’s organization owns HP’s Marketing Performance Management (MPM) initiative, which focuses on driving more ROI discipline and accountability in the marketing function and tightly aligns marketing with business growth. As part of his MPM responsibilities, Eric is also an executive sponsor of HP’s enterprise data warehouse project, which will consolidate the number of HP’s datacenters from 85 to 6.

His team also leads the deployment of one of the largest Marketing Resource Management (MRM) and Marketing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) programs designed to streamline and automate marketing campaign ROI. He is responsible for the design and deployment of HP’s marketing measurement system, including advanced analytical modeling.