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Unless you're part of the House of Saud, who really books a $30,000 a night room? Brian Honan, the marketing director for the Four Seasons, New York, says there's a small but growing number of super-wealthy globetrotters willing to pay such lofty sums. "Perhaps more than most people realize," he adds.

The world has certainly changed. There were always rich people, the haves and have-nots. But now, it's out of sight. And with that, comes the high-end of products and services, many precedent-setting.
Honan says,"Twenty years ago, the Forbes 400 list was mostly multimillionaires with a few billionaires. Now it's the opposite - mostly billionaires with a few multimillionaires."
The $30,000/night room is the Ty Warner Penthouse that cost $50 million to create. (No, that's not a typo.) Unlike the high-end rooms in Las Vegas, this room will never be discounted and you can't get it through an upgrade.
I hope it comes with a private butler to dab your mouth when the champagne wets your upper lip or I'd never even consider it. :)
What does this say about the growth spurt of high-end, uber-wealthy products and services? Is this a trend, or do you think it's here to stay and the high rollers keep acquiring more assets and demanding more and more from the marketplace?

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