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Here are some key takeaways from a session on keyword research at the MarketingProfs Digital Marketing Mixer...

Don't assume you know the correct keywords to optimize your site. You want customers, not visitors, to your site, so discover how your target market searches for your products/services. One way to do this is to ask front-line employees what words and phrases are used most frequently by your customers.
Don't depend on a single keyword source. Analyzing the variation in results from services like Wordtracker and Trellian can give you a better sense of which keywords to use.
Don't stuff your site with keywords. Create keyword themes for specific pages so that you bring targeted traffic from search engines. If a visitor winds up on a seemingly random page because you've littered your site with the same keywords, they're not likely to keep clicking around looking for the right place.
If you'd like to see the slideshow presented by Ken Jurina, president of Epiar, the link is here.

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