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Want to be a hero in your customers', employees' and clients' eyes? Here's a great way to shine as a good "corporate" citizen. This holiday season, especially during this tough economy, you can give something completely unique and charitable at the same time. It's called a Good Card - and it's new.

Here's how it works:
You can purchase Good Cards as gifts in any dollar amount (up to $250). The cards allow your gift recipients to give that amount to the charity of their choice - any charity from a list of more than 1.2 million!
Whether you send your cards via e-mail or regular mail, you can customize them with your own company brand and messaging. Not only that, Good Cards qualify as a tax-deduction, so you can use them for business and personal gifts and benefit in this tax year.
Why am I sharing this info with you? As some of you may know, I have spent a good part of my marketing career in the nonprofit sector. It is a passion. So, when nonprofit colleague and friend, Katya Andresen, VP of Marketing at Network for Good, sent a LinkedIn announcement about this new fundraising marketing program, I thought it was brilliant and wanted to spread the word.
As bad as some people have it in this economy, there are always those who are worse off than you or I. People coping with severe illness, homeless people, people down on their luck. There are environmental causes that need help to fight global warming and animal rights groups trying to save animals from extinction.
There are educational nonprofits teaching youth with special needs, and arts organizations giving inner city kids a chance to sing, play an instrument, or dance. There are health-related nonprofits rehabilitating people with chemical dependencies, and shelters that house women escaping domestic violence.
There are thousands of others causes and missions that need your help. What better way to share the holiday spirit with your customers, clients and employees.
OK, what kind of marketer would I be without a call to action? Learn more now or email the Good Card team at Network for Good. They would be happy to send you some card samples.
So, what do you think? Is this a good idea? Would you consider this as a holiday gift option? Let me hear your feedback.

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