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Someone actually rejected my LinkedIn invitation recently. She didn't just delete it or ignore it; she actually sent me a message saying why she is rejecting me! Now, I have social media rejection syndrome!

Yes, this really did happen to me. Check out this rejection reply...
Hi, Elaine,
Thanks for your comments.
I only make connections with people I've met personally or have worked with, but perhaps our paths will cross in person one day.

Doesn't this go against the entire purpose of ONLINE social networking? I figure if someone just wants to connect with friends and colleagues, there's always Facebook. But, LinkedIn?
I have made hundreds of good connections on LI - people whom I've never actually met but have lots in common. But, maybe I'm doing something wrong. I often invite people in my groups to connect. It's a great way to reach out to the people with whom I've participated in discussions.
But, look at the message I just saw on my LinkedIn invitation page:
Please note: This message is a notice that you are nearing the threshold of "I don't know" responses you can receive before you will be required to enter an email address when sending invitations. Please remember to only invite people you know.
Yikes. I checked my LI archives and this is the first time there's a "Don't Know" for any invitation I've sent. Is this a real threat? If we are limited to the people we already know, doesn't that defeat the purpose somewhat?
What do you think? Am I out to lunch? Isn't social media rejection kind of rude? Should I get therapy for social media rejection syndrome?

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