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Want to know the secret of world-class sales organizations?  A new study finds the key is executive leaders are actively engaged in Sales. 

The study by Miller Heiman, with key findings reported in MarketingProfs , reinforces the wisdom that leaders must be your best sales reps.

Therein lies a big opportunity for marketers to add value and visibility.  Executives need our help to make their time spent with customers productive.  They may hear from Sales what their individual clients want from the company executives.  But it takes Marketing to create ammunition from the perspective of the customer and the market.  Presentations, collateral, analysis, and proposals that make company leaders successful.  Senior management and Sales will love Marketing.

My co-authors and I wrote in Marketing Champions (Wiley 2006) that Jack Welch, the legendary CEO of GE spent hours every day with customers.  When executives see their role as "chief growth officer," they stay active in Sales.

Are your execs selling?  Does Marketing facilitate this activity?  If so, how?

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