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Last week, MarketingProfs hosted a killer #TechChat with special guest, @MackCollier. The topic was B2B blogging. And we're so grateful for all of the advice Mack shared during the chat.

In advance of SocialTech 2010, we're offering a FREE virtual pass (a $99 value) to the online version of the conference to the #TechChat attendee who shared the most valuable insight during last week's chat.

After many restless nights of deciding who the pass should go to, I gave up. All the insights were fantastic ... so I'll put the burden on you, our trusty readers. In the poll box below, please decide the winner of the FREE SocialTech virtual pass. The poll closes tomorrow night at 9 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time), so we'll announce the winner at the end of tomorrow's #TechChat.

Ready, set, good luck!

"Focus on your subject matter experts, then teach them social tools. You can be the evangelist your biz needs." (@carissao)

"Blogging is like learning to ride a bike---use training wheels, get balance, then go for it! Same applies to Social Media." (@susanbeebe)

"Don't forget to have a blog promotion plan along with posting/publishing plan." (@pushingsocial)

"Your blog can't just be a sales pitch, that is going to get old VERY quickly. Related to the industry you're in w/o being 'salesy.'" (@mikulaja)

"Content about your customers draws more customers than content about your product." (@robpetersen)

"I think blogging is the polar opposite of advertising if it's done well. Don't post press releases." (@RLMadMan)

"Anyone who thinks a blog isn't work, time, and investment is selling something. Or clueless." (@AmberCadabra)

"Blogging goals should always stem from overall strategic goals and brand voice." (@joey_strawn)

"B2B blogging allows you to educate prospective and current customers in your field." (@DavidSpinks)

"I believe that every business blog takes on a life of its own, no two should be alike." (@Michael_Evanko

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Megan Leap is Online Marketing Manager at MarketingProfs, where she develops innovative, high-ROI social media campaigns. Previously, she was Online Marketing Manager at ion interactive, a leading provider of landing page software, where she spearheaded their social media strategy from the ground up. She's also consulted with leading brands on social media strategy and campaign management. Follow her on Twitter @MeganLeap.